Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Top Chef - Colorado

A smiling Natalie can be seen in-between (and just behind) Padma Lakshmi
and Tom Colicchio, as they all enter the event on Larimer Square
Top Chef has been one of our favorite cooking competitions on tv for many years now.  So, imagine our excitement when we heard through the grapevine earlier this year that they were filming Season 15 in Colorado!

Lucky for us, we happen to live in the Colorado city that Bon App├ętit magazine dubbed "America's Foodiest Town," and Boulder also happened to be one of the filming locations for Top Chef - Colorado.

In addition, we also have an insider within the local restaurant scene in the family.  Ana's daughter, my niece Natalie, happens to be a professional in the food service industry, as well as occasionally giving restaurant tours in Boulder (during her off hours), just for the fun of it.

Natalie (in red) at their tasting table
There is, perhaps, no one as enthusiastic about the restaurant scene here in Colorado than my niece.  So, when the Top Chef cameras rolled into town, it was only right that she would end up with an invitation to a couple of the public events (or "Elimination Challenges") of the show.

Imagine how exciting it is to be able to taste the actual food the Top Chef judges -- Padma Lakshmi, Tom Colicchio, and Gail Simmons -- would be judging!  What a blast!

She was able to attend the first opening episode of the show, which took place at Larimer Square in Denver, and there will be at least one or two more episodes in which she'll likely appear, as well.  We will find out as they air.  Read her blog post all about her experience, as well as a huge environmental improvement (now standard in Boulder) that was utilized during the event.

It sure was fun for us spotting her throughout the show as we watched episode 1 of the competition!

Natalie, in the orangey-red dress on the right, facing towards the camera
In the meantime, very exciting times here as we watch the competition unfold over the coming weeks, and catch glimpses of our home state and the cities of Denver, Boulder and Telluride -- not to mention glimpses of my niece!

Guess we now have a celebrity in the family (well, she always kind of was, to us).  It will be a very fun season!

Are you watching?  Hope you're enjoying it, too!

  • Appear on tv?  Check!
  • Participate in a Top Chef tasting event?  Check!

Natalie can check those items off her bucket list now, and add them to the Accomplishments side of the list.  Not a bad way to end one year, and start another.  And soon we'll find out who will be the next Top Chef!

Happy watching!

Personal Note:  Nieces and nephews rule!  While this was fun and exciting news, other news was also breaking, as my other nieces and nephew were also racking up a number of accomplishments for themselves as well.  From running their own business to earning a Black Belt in the Martial Arts (3rd one in the family happened just this week!) to becoming an Eagle Scout (also the 3rd in the family) ... these kids are no slouches!  My nieces and nephew have a long list of accomplishments that would make any aunt proud.  Way to go, team!  Okay, enough Auntie-bragging for now!

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