Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Photo taken from a window at the Brown Palace. Is
that a smudge, a reflection or a ghost in this photo?

I love Halloween.  It's my second favorite Holiday next to Christmas.  It's a night dedicated to fun, fantasy, children, candy and scary ghost stories ... what's not to like?

And what I love about my family is that we like to take advantage of celebrating every Holiday and occasion with something fun and memorable.  This year, we did a couple of local Ghost Tours in Denver that were a complete blast!

I highly recommend the Ghost Tour at the 120-year old Brown Palace, as well as the Capitol Hill Ghost Tours, in Denver.  Both were a screaming good time, and absolutely the perfect way to celebrate a fun fall night in October.

Speaking of celebrations and making things memorable ...

One of my favorite foods that my Mom would make for parties were little tea sandwiches with a delicious ham-and-cheese spread.  They're absolutely addictive!  Since it's difficult to sit down to a meal on Halloween night, and it's one big block party anyway, I decided to create my own Halloween tradition.  Every Halloween I make a plate of those little tea sandwiches for dinner, to quickly grab and eat while getting into costume before a party, taking the little ones about the neighborhood for candy, or answering the door to all those trick-or-treaters!

Little ham tea sandwiches with the crusts cut off and
sliced into triangles, just like my Mom used to make!
Any spread of sandwiches or other easy noshes make the perfect dinner on a busy Halloween night, but these little tea sandwiches are my absolute favorite.  I hope you're out there this Halloween having fun, making your own memories and creating your own traditions with your favorite little ghouls on this spooky All Hallow's Eve.

Good night to all!

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