Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Tea!

Afternoon Tea at the Assisted Living Residence
My brilliant and beautiful nieces started a tradition a few years back of taking their Mom and I (their aunt and godmother) out to Afternoon Tea for Mother's Day.  Of course, we never turn down an invitation to tea any time of year, but it is a particularly lovely way to celebrate Mother's Day.

I think Afternoon Tea is the perfect venue for celebrating Moms because it is something just about every woman enjoys ... a chance to dress up in lady-like attire to enjoy some light fare in the middle of a lovely and leisurely afternoon in spring, featuring sweets and savories, unending cups of soothing tea, and a glass of champagne for a toast, if desired.

Here in Colorado, there are many opportunities for Afternoon Tea.  Many hotels, both large and small, offer it, as do botanical gardens.  Many different tea rooms have sprung up all over the area, as well, and here in Boulder we can even have tea creek-side, listening to the relaxing sound of gurgling water rush by.

Afternoon Tea with our Mom
This year we attended a lovely tea with our Mom at her Assisted Living Center, and I realized that the tradition had come full circle.  We had a lovely time with our cups of hot tea, cucumber sandwiches, egg salad sandwiches, a chocolate fountain with assorted fruit for dipping, and sugar cookies.  Each woman received a lovely flower or butterfly pin, as well as a beautiful rose to take home with her.  It was the perfect way to celebrate our Mom this Mother's Day.

In fact, Afternoon Tea is always perfect every single day!  Happy Mother's Day!

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