Saturday, May 10, 2014

Breakfast in Bed

Afternoon Tea's Mother's Day Breakfast Tray
Mother's Day mornings were very busy times at Afternoon Tea.  We took orders for Mother's Day Breakfast Trays stocked with our customer's personal choice of goodies, especially selected for their mom:  scones, muffins, cinnamon rolls, coffeecake, quiche, jams and jellies, lemon curd, a pretty mug, coffee and tea.  Bright and early that Sunday morning we'd deliver the trays to each house, as requested, or wait for Dad and the kids to swing by the bakery to pick up their special tray for Mom themselves.

Breakfast in bed is, of course, a time-honored tradition for Mom's Day.  Let Mom sleep in, get a few extra minutes of rest, and let someone else take care of breakfast on her special day.  As you can imagine, our Mother's Day Breakfast Trays were very much in demand!

There were also Chocolate Lover's baskets, if that was Mom's secret passion.  Or Sugar Free baskets for those on restricted diets.  Muffin baskets, tea and biscuits (we mean cookies, of course), pound cakes and iced cakes dedicated to Mom.  On Mom's Day, the most special woman in our lives should be treated to her favorite things.

This year will be an extra-special Mother's Day for our family.  The baby that was raised in a bakery so many years ago is now a brand new Mom herself!  It's amazing how the years fly by, and everything comes full circle once again.  We will be celebrating the adorable new member of our family, her beautiful Mom, and all the wonderful Moms in our family.  We honor all the Moms out there who have sacrificed so much, and raised their children surrounded by love, nurturing care, enthusiasm and encouragement.  They all deserve our deepest thanks and appreciation on this and every day of the year.

Raise a Mimosa in a toast and bring on the goodies ... Moms are the best!

Happy Mother's Day!

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