Friday, February 13, 2015

Romancing Your Life

It's not always easy to define Romance, but we know what it is when we feel it.  Dictionaries have a myriad of definitions, yet none that seems to capture its true essence.

Perhaps it's as simple as: whatever promotes love.  Whether it's music, a poem, a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates, whatever sets a scene or creates an ambiance for love to bloom, whether through mood or inspiration, is romantic.  Like watering a plant ... romance is simply whatever we do that makes it easier for love to open, flow and grow.

When you romance your life, you are setting the environment to love your own life.

But how exactly do we do that?  For me, it comes down to making things special.

We do it naturally for the people we love when we're feeling loving ... frying eggs in the shape of a heart, making a funny face out of fruit on a child's pancake to delight them, tucking notes into our loved ones' lunches, baking a batch of their favorite cookies, and doing deliberate things to make them feel happy.

We make things special for that person, to nurture the feelings of love and keep those feelings growing.

But how do we romance our own lives?  How do we create an environment within our own life that allows our heart to open and love to flow?  Do we make the effort to make ourselves happy ... in the moment, during the day, and for a lifetime?

The same things we would do for others is what we can do to romance our own lives and keep the flow of love moving in our hearts.  When we feel nurtured and taken care of, we are happier people and more available to freely express love to others, as well.
  • Indulge in a luxurious bubble bath.
  • Buy ourselves flowers on the way home from work, or place a single bud in front of us during breakfast or dinner.
  • Light a candle at night to enjoy the flame and the scent filling our home.
  • Enjoy the sunset from your back patio with a nice glass of wine.
  • Ditch the tv and listen to your favorite music all night, instead.
  • Pay yourself some compliments.  Write them down, so you can look at them when you need a reminder of how special and talented you are.
  • Cook yourself your favorite dish or dessert.
  • Read a good book with a cup of fragrant hot tea by your side.

All of these are simple things that we can do to appreciate ourselves.  But don't forget to make the grand gestures of romance, too ...
  • Take that trip you've always wanted to go on.
  • Find your passion by taking classes and trying new things.
  • Buy yourself that big diamond ring you've always wanted.
  • Start a fitness or meditation regimen.
  • Make promises to yourself that you intend to keep!

If it sounds self-indulgent, it's only because we're not used to taking care of ourselves the way we take care of others.  We rush through our days with a quick shower and a cup of coffee, and run off to meet our next obligation.  When we take the time to romance our own lives, we open the door for good things to come our way, and to appreciate them, as well.  (And appreciation is key in romance!)

And while you're at it, bake yourself a batch of heart-shaped cookies, just because you deserve them.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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