Friday, March 31, 2017

I Do Not Need An Egg Plate

I do not need an egg plate.

But I want one. 

This time of year, all of the department and home stores have the most delightful egg plates on display, and I can't help but stare at them wistfully.  They're so darned cute!

Many have Easter designs for the season, or decorated for spring, but some are plain and can be used year 'round.  Maybe I need one of each.

What am I saying?  I do not need an egg plate!

As much as I'm drawn to them, I have never been able to justify buying one.  I do not make deviled eggs anywhere near often enough to even consider it.  Never mind the fact that I have precious little storage space left in my kitchen to tuck away even one more platter that I may use only once a year.  It's not like you can't nestle a deviled egg onto a lettuce leaf, or place them on a plate with a rim which will keep them from sliding out, after all.

Still ... I yearn for an elegant, retro, old-fashioned, dedicated egg plate.  There's a charm about them that's undeniable.  They definitely have the allure of a southern hostess inviting the girls over for tea, or of a 1950s housewife entertaining the neighbors.  Back in the day they were almost always found at church picnics, at birthday parties, or brought to a grieving family in their hour of bereavement.  The ones I remember were almost always made out of glass, but today they come in a wide variety of designs.

As is usually the situation in life, it is more often not a case of what we need, but what we want.  Why not?  It's spring, we're feeling joyful, we want pretty things in our lives like beautiful flowers, pastel spring decorations, and a lovely egg plate!

Beautifully beet-stained deviled eggs were a
delicious hit at our last Christmas party!
In truth, deviled eggs are making quite a comeback.  Besides the well-known and beloved paprika-dusted classic, these days there are more intriguing variations of this old-fashioned party staple including avocado deviled eggs, truffled deviled eggs, spicy jalapeño and sriracha-laced deviled eggs, BLT deviled eggs, and even salmon deviled eggs.

There are olive deviled eggs, miso deviled eggs, hummus deviled eggs, barbecue deviled eggs, and red pepper jelly deviled eggs.  There are shrimp mousse deviled eggs, chimichurri style deviled eggs, goat cheese and herb deviled eggs, and stunning pickled beat-stained deviled eggs, which my niece made for our Christmas party just this last December.

Some folks even stain them in pastel colors for Easter, in green for St. Paddy's Day, in pink and blue for baby showers, or even veined in black for Halloween.

There are even instructions available for making square deviled eggs (guess I won't need an egg plate for those ... where's the fun in that?).

There's no end to the variety of possible ingredients and additions, or your own imagination when it comes to your own combinations, which makes deviled eggs perhaps the most versatile and underrated party food of our day.  Glad they're making a comeback!  I see a lot more deviled eggs in my future.

That settles it ... I think I'm going to buy myself an egg plate ... just as soon as I can decide upon which one I want!

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