Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Scones for Spring

It's officially Spring, and a wonderful time to be entertaining outdoors again, after having been driven inside by blowing snow and freezing temperatures all winter long.

When I think of spring, I think of freshness and gardening and flowers and tea parties and Mother's Day brunches.  What more lovely way is there to entertain than with garden parties, and spring hats, and flouncy dresses, and pastel gloves, and delicate pastries, and pots of tea?

A spring brunch or tea party is a leisurely yet classy way to connect with the ladies, throw a baby or bridal shower, or celebrate a little girl's birthday party.  The children are free to scamper all over the yard playing lawn games, while the grownups chat and catch up with each other over cups of tea.  (The men secretly enjoy it, too, although many won't admit it.)

Scones can be cut into wedges prior to or after baking.
And tea parties and brunches always make me think of scones.

Whether it's the British classic dotted with currants, or southern-style laced with buttermilk and golden raisins, or studded with crowd-pleasing chocolate-chips, scones are endlessly versatile and always appealing.

Crumbly, buttery scones make a perfect canvas for Devonshire or Clotted Cream, and Lemon Curd or Raspberry Jam.

Traditional British scones tend to be round, fluffier and less sweet ... more like a biscuit.  American-style scones are sweeter and more adventurous with their different flavor combinations, and usually triangular-shaped.  They can be cut out with a biscuit-cutter, drop-style, or patted into shape.  While scones tend to be crumbly, they should never be dry ... even if they are meant to be taken with tea, butter or clotted cream, and jam.

This time of year, when mornings are dewy and budding with promise and the songbirds are singing, we can make a different kind of scone every single day of the season.  The possibilities are endless:

Strawberry-cream scones, blueberry-lemon scones, orange-cranberry scones, cherry-chocolate-chip scones, raspberry-almond scones, lemon-lavender-poppyseed scones, cinnamon scones, vanilla-hazelnut scones, oatmeal-raisin scones, apricot-and-crystallized-ginger scones, maple-pecan scones, rum-raisin scones, chai-pear scones, walnut-and-fig scones, and even coconut-lime scones.

And savory scones, such as scallion-and-cheddar, bacon-cheese-and-chive, jalapeƱo-and-jack, or ham-and-cheese, make for a satisfying brunch-time treat.  Prosciutto and Gruyere is a delicious favorite.  A quick search on Pinterest or any search engine will yield all kinds of recipes and possibilities, both sweet and savory.

We enjoy tea-time all through the year.  Our annual formal Holiday Tea is one of our favorite traditions during Christmas.

And we can also enjoy scones any time of year.  Pumpkin scones, cranberry-orange scones, and ginger chai-spiced scones are perfect for fall and winter.

But there's nothing like springtime scones that we can enjoy right now at brunch or afternoon tea, to remind us to savor every luxurious moment this beautiful time of year.

And don't forget to make some for Mother's Day!!!

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