Sunday, February 28, 2021

Quality Matters

At Afternoon Tea, we always prided ourselves on the quality of what we made.  When we discovered some bakeries were using canned, commercially-made custards and pie fillings for their baked goods, it was something we decided we would never do.  We made everything from scratch.  We made our own pie crusts, we peeled apples, we made our own caramel, and we made our own fillings.  We never cut corners.

We didn't want any preservatives in our baked goods.  We wanted everything baked exactly the way we would do it at home, using the same basic, wholesome ingredients.

But quality extends not only to our baking, but to our day-to-day life, as well.  Do we pick quality over convenience, at least some of the time?  We can't cook and bake everyday, that's a given … everyone has too much going on to be able to pull that off, so convenience foods are a fact of life.  However, we should definitely look at all of our options and make the best choices.

A recent trend for grocery stores is carrying a number of chain restaurant-branded frozen foods.  They certainly have name recognition.  But what I also noticed is that they're not cheap.  A frozen bag of Chinese fried rice (branded by a very famous restaurant chain) was going for $8.99 at the store.

In the very same shopping center, just a few steps away, is a Chinese restaurant I frequent.  They sell a generous portion of fried rice (which looked to me to be about the same quantity, if not more, as the frozen bag) for the same amount of money.  As I held the frozen bag in my hand, I had to wonder why I would buy the frozen when the fresh is available to me just a few feet away at the same price.  Even if I put it in the freezer myself when I got it home, to have as a meal on another night, at least I know it was freshly made when I bought it.

For most folks, every penny counts, and that's understood.  There's always coupons and sales and gas points, so the convenience of the grocery store option makes sense for many.  But on those days when the pay-off is just not there, why not choose the freshest, most delicious option?  I'd gladly give up that extraneous box of cookies and spend the extra couple of dollars instead to enjoy a freshly made meal from one of my favorite restaurants.

One day I was sitting at the auto shop, waiting for the mechanics to work on my car, when I suddenly felt hungry.  Across the street was a fast-food place recognizable by its golden arches.  A few feet away from it was a French bakery.  Which do you think I went into?

I love a fast-food burger and fries as much as the next person, but the idea of checking out some ham-and-cheese croissants, a selection of quiches, or their soup of the day drew me into the French bakery like a magnet.

Quality matters.  Especially after a year of hardship, a year of settling for less, a year of holding back, a year of making do.  We've put up with a lot ... it's time to reward ourselves with a few quality choices.

Choosing quality makes us feel good about ourselves.  It tells us that we're worth the best.  It makes a difference in what we're putting into our bodies.  Opting for quality makes a difference in how we feel about our lives.  A latte every now and then from our favorite coffeehouse tells us we're worth it.  A sit-down restaurant over a drive-through shows us we're worth the time and the attention.  A good bakery lunch over a fast-food lunch is vastly more enjoyable, every time. 

Which is good … because they're opening up another new bakery not far from me pretty soon.  Can't wait to check them out!


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