Friday, April 30, 2021

What I Love about Afternoon Tea

It's happening.  Slowly and via very small steps, our country is finally opening up.

The first rainy days of April promised the deep green grass that graces my yard now.  Bulbs are stirring, and the first flowers of the season are now appearing.

Spring has sprung, and it's definitely time to open the windows and let some fresh air in.  We've all been starved for fresh air and long, deep breaths, and it's finally time to fill our lungs.

It's time to stir, to shake off a dismal year, and take a brave peek outside.  It's time to nurture the life growing in our gardens, and within our souls.  Time to get a little bit of sunshine before it becomes too hot to sit outside for long.

It's time to beautify our backyards and get ready, finally, for some entertaining.  It's time to surround ourselves with some natural beauty after a year marked by much too little of it.

Time to set a pot of tea out on the patio, invite a neighbor, friend or shut-in over for tea, and have a nice long conversation while watching for butterflies.  It's time for some heart-to-heart talks over a cup of warm comfort, tiny sandwiches, and sweets to soothe the soul.

What I love about Afternoon Tea is that it brings back gentleness and civility into our lives.  It allows us to feel like human beings again, to socialize in a small, quiet way.

It lets us commune with others in a private and intimate manner.  It allows us to honor each other, to make someone feel special, heard and acknowledged.

Afternoon Tea brings out the very best in us, it brings out our good qualities into the light of day, and perhaps allows us to see the spark of divinity in ourselves and others.

More than ever, this spring is a very good time to invite someone to Afternoon Tea.


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