Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall has Arrived

Apples from Ana's trees.
September has been a whirlwind of activity.  Following Ana's pie contest wins on Labor Day, we packed our bags and headed back to Florida to snatch a few last days of beach-time in the Keys before Summer becomes just a memory, and to attend a fabulous family celebration in Miami.  It was Ana's god-daughter's Quince (or "15th" Birthday party, which is comparable to a debutante ball, in the Latino culture).  It was a fun and beautiful family celebration.  Congratulations, Alana!

While at the party, we ran into one of our customers from back in the day, who happens to be a friend of my cousin.  We reminisced about old times, talked about the cookbook that just came out, and traded business cards.  It was a lovely "reunion!"

That's the way it always is with our former customers ... more like seeing old friends again rather than just customers.  Sometimes, it even feels like family.  That is the atmosphere we always tried to create at the bakery, and we forged some very strong relationships during those years.  We hope that, in the same way, the cookbook and this blog will be a way to reconnect with our old friends, as well as make many new ones!

In the meantime, September is almost over, and Fall is definitely in the air back home here in Colorado.  Autumn means apples (and Ana has had an abundant harvest of apples from her trees this year!), crisp nights, cozy sweaters, and lots of baking!  We're looking forward to celebrating an abundant harvest this season!

Welcome friends!

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