Monday, October 1, 2012

October Planning

There's no doubt that October officially heralds in the Holiday Season.  Even though Halloween is not until the end of the month, the planning begins now.  The weather becomes a bit nippy, even blustery, we set out bright pumpkins and gourds and other "hearth"-warming decorations, our eyes begin scanning for possible Christmas gifts, and we start thinking about hearty menus, celebrations and baking.

Even when we lived in South Florida where there was barely any noticeable change of seasons, there was always at least one day in October that felt a bit blustery, where the leaves came rustling through carried on a gust of wind during an early dusk that had the slightest cool nip behind it, and one knew that change was definitely in the air.  I looked for that day every year ... it was my way of welcoming Fall.

In Colorado, the change of seasons is quick and dramatic.  The trees start turning brilliant colors almost overnight, and the early mornings and evenings are cool and pleasant.  Jacket weather.  Isn't it everybody's favorite time of year?

Where Summertime was easy, the days were catch-as-catch can, and meals consisted of cold salads, ripe fruit and whatever could be quickly thrown on the grill, Fall requires more thought and thoughtfulness.  Now we think about harvesting all those fruits and vegetables, canning, making pies, and simmering hearty soups and stews.  We make lists ... all kinds of lists ... getting ready for the celebrations and entertaining soon to come!

  • Menus
  • Recipes
  • Family Reunions
  • Football Games
  • Parties
  • Christmas Cards
  • Christmas Gifts
  • Special Events and Shows
  • Carving time out on the Calendar!

We're starting our lists, too.  As I mentioned last time, we had a huge harvest this year.  I'm still picking peaches off of my tree, my crab apple tree looks more like a weeping willow with the branches so heavy with fruit, and I still have two huge bowls of apples in my refrigerator from Ana's trees waiting to be peeled and turned into applesauce.  (And yes, for those who have asked, the 1st Place-winning French Apple Pie was made with apples from Ana's trees, of course!)

The days are short but packed with activity.  We enjoyed a beautiful Harvest Moon and a rare Blue Moon last month, and now we're ready to tackle the work ahead of us ... because the reward is joyous celebrations, good eating, and the life moments we'll always remember soon to be forged in the months to come!

What are your plans for this Fall?

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