Friday, April 12, 2013

April Showers

Stacked cups and saucers on every surface to suit any taste!
Bridal Showers ... Baby Showers ... Engagements ... Christenings ... Graduations ... April is the month that truly welcomes in life-affirming events and celebrations.  Spring brings rebirth and new life, so it's no wonder most people start thinking about and planning their futures this time of year, when everything is fresh and new and young and full of hope.

Afternoon Tea is one of the most beautiful and fitting ways to celebrate these spring festivities.  Engagement parties, showers, garden parties, or even spring birthdays, are all highly appropriate occasions for a lovely Afternoon Tea Party!  And you don't need to have a proper silver tea service nor even matching tea cups to throw an absolutely fabulous tea!

A friend of mine once threw a very lovely and sweet bridal shower with a hodge-podge of assorted tea cups collected from thrift shops all around town.  Some were traditional, some were modern, some were plain, some were psychedelic ... but each was different and had its own distinctive look and character.

This creative approach gave guests the chance to pick a cup and saucer that matched their particular taste and personality, and they never had to worry about whose cup was whose when they inadvertently set it down in some random spot.

As an added bonus, each guest was able to take the cup and saucer they had picked home with them ... to use as their own special cup at breakfast, when they sit down to enjoy a peaceful cup of tea alone at home, or to use at their desk in the office.

A wild assortment of cups and saucers also served as quite the conversation starter, as people commented on the various sets, and admired each other's preference.

"I was eyeing that one. Good choice!"

A selection of teas served out of a mish-mosh of tea pots, a variety of small sandwiches and sweets, fresh salads and fruit, and even some heartier fare for bigger appetites, made for a casual and fun tea party that appealed equally to the women, men, and even the kids, in attendance. It was the perfect party for a perfect couple, and a very gracious way to entertain on a beautiful spring day.

If you have any celebrations coming up this spring, put the water on the boil and consider throwing a delightful tea party like this one full of life, fun and personality!

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