Saturday, April 6, 2013

Happy Spring!

A batch of spring cookies to celebrate the season ...
I think the butterflies were my favorite!
Spring is here!  I find that I really do rejoice every year when spring arrives.  Even though winters here in Colorado are mostly mild and beautiful, and the winter wonderland scenery always puts the joy into my heart at Christmas ... by the time March rolls around, I'm always very ready for spring.

I usually find myself holding my breath in February, expecting a last blast from winter as a show of strength before it leaves for the season.  But by the time March comes along, the spring snows are nice and wet, and slide off my driveway with little effort, and by April it's pretty much all over.  I put away the snow boots and reach for the sandals and colorful canvas shoes.

This year, I decided to celebrate the season by making and decorating some spring-themed cookies.  Maybe it was because we didn't make as many cookies during the Holidays as usual that made me crave some more.  But more likely it was just that I was thinking about how easy it is to make a batch of cookies to celebrate just about any season.  Bunnies, chicks, dragonflies, flowers and butterflies were cut out, baked and decorated for friends and family.  Even a few umbrellas for April showers.  With all the cute and varied cookie cutters available, why not celebrate events and seasons with some sweetly-decorated cookies for any theme?

Birthday cookies made ahead for a child's party would be adorable.  Baby grand pianos, guitars or musical notes for recitals.  Mermaids, hearts, moose, bears ... there are even cookie cutters for just about every dog breed out there.  Beautifully decorated cookies are a special treat for any occasion.  The fact that they're homemade makes them exponentially more special.

And the perks?  Cookies are easier to make and decorate with several pairs of hands helping. And every mistake, messed up or flawed cookie gets to be eaten by the baker and her helpers!  Now that's what I call joyful baking!

Happy Spring!

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