Sunday, March 15, 2020

The Gift of Seclusion

There have been times in my life when I've felt the need for seclusion.  More than just a vacation, the need to shut myself away completely from the noise of the rest of the world, to be alone with only myself and my own thoughts, without distraction or conversation. A season of EAT-PRAY-LOVE of my own, maybe to meditate, maybe to read, in complete silence or with only the sounds of nature around me. A moment of peace. A moment of bliss.

I actually looked into places to go for such a retreat ... a getaway where silence and isolation was key.  A monastic interlude with the soul.  I found just such a place once, and took walks alone in the woods, and journaled, and felt truly rested and renewed.  Seclusion is a gift.

Our nation is now in such a season.  With the exception of those who do not get such a reprieve, such as medical professionals and first-responders, the rest of the country has now been asked to stay inside our homes and practice "social distancing."  Schools are shut down, sporting events and concerts have been canceled, and panic-buying and stockpiling sets in.

A couple of apt copper trivets,
given to me as a gift.
This current adventure should be instructive in pointing out what items will be the first to go in a crisis.  Take note:

     Perhaps it is a good idea to always be stocked up on bottled water, toilet paper, and canned foods before a crisis arrives.

     Perhaps, as my father always used to advise me, it's a good idea to never let the gas tank get lower than half empty. Just a thought.  Times like this illustrate how you can best prepare in advance and be at peace, knowing that you'll be just fine.

Congratulations, you are now trained in surviving a crisis.

Probably because we went through this type of exercise at least once a year during hurricane season in South Florida, we're less likely to panic over empty store shelves or the idea of being cooped up in our homes for a long period of time.  We took it in stride.  We were prepared and ready for anything.

Most of all, we are prepared to see some down-time for what it truly is ... a gift ... an opportunity.  How often do we get time alone to spend by ourselves or with our families?

There are games to play.  There are books to read.  There is art to create.  There are photobooks and scrapbooks to make. There are old family videos to watch.  There is a pup-tent waiting to be set up in the living room.

There is a sewing basket full of items that need mending which never gets prioritized.  There is a chance to do some intensive spring cleaning.  There are closets to organize.

There are naps to take. There is an at-home spa day calling your name.  There are dance moves on YouTube to learn.  There are neglected friends and family to call or FaceTime for a long, extended chat.

There are movies to watch, series to stream, and baking to do.  There is a yard and garden to get ready for spring.  All of those things we've been wanting to do but never had the time to before ... NOW is the time.

Instead of bemoaning our sequestered state, we should be celebrating that we finally have all this time to do these things.  Cloistered in our favorite place, our own home, we have the opportunity to get to our lists or do nothing at all.  What a blessed time!

In the 80s we called it "Cocooning," retreating back into our shells, a time to disconnect from the world in order to take better care of ourselves and our families.  To find the comfort within, while ignoring the distractions without.

Now is the time to do so.

I hope that you take this gift as an opportunity to settle into the peace within your home, and within yourself.  You can still take a walk in the woods and be far from the madding crowds.  You can still play catch with your kids in the backyard.  You can still go outside and watch for signs of spring.  You can still spend quality time with your family without the intrusion of others for awhile.  Use your time wisely.

Before we know it, we'll be back in the hustle-and-bustle of life again, wishing we had more time for ourselves.  Don't let this gift pass you by!

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