Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The First Sign of Spring Quiche

A deep-dish quiche baking in the oven
Springtime always makes me think of quiche.  Easter brunches, Mother's Day teas, Garden Parties on a dewy lawn ... all make the perfect setting for this delectable dish.  Something about spring just makes me feel like it's time for quiche!

A flaky crust filled with cheesy-custardy goodness is my idea of heaven-on-earth, although you can make a crustless version if you want to keep things lighter.  (But where's the fun in that?)  We get to feature our favorite spring vegetables, or highlight the flavor of prosciutto, in a most delightful way with this versatile entree.

We used to make quiches at Afternoon Tea, and they were hugely popular.  We offered them with mushrooms, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes or zucchini, and any combination thereof.  Spinach and dill was one of our personal favorites, although they were all supremely tasty.

It wasn't unusual for customers to stop in late in the afternoon to pick one up for dinner.  Or to come in early and pick one up to take to a breakfast meeting.  Or to order a couple that they could easily warm up in the oven if they were hosting any kind of party or brunch.  If we had any quiche left in our counters that didn't sell the day before, it would become our lunch the next day.  Everybody loved quiche!

A gorgeous asparagus and tomato quiche
I always made deep-dish quiches at home, just like we did at the bakery.  But these days I've come to favor a tart pan instead.  It looks beautiful, bakes up quicker and more evenly, and the smaller portions make me feel a little less guilty when I snitch a second piece (because that's just going to happen).

A slice of yum!

Today, whenever I bake a pie and end up with half a recipe of leftover pastry dough in the freezer, you know it won't be too long before I decide to throw together a quick quiche with any veggies I happen to have around.  Fresh, frozen or leftover, they're all fair game.

Leftover carrots, brussel sprouts, kale or parsnips would be wonderful in quiche.  A roasted vegetable medley or pimentos folded into quiche would really punch up the flavor.  I can't think of a better way to use up leftover ham or bacon (admittedly a rare occurrence) either, but what about stirring in some cooked chicken breast or flaked salmon, instead?  I might also substitute whatever cheese I happen to have on hand, as well.  Onion, garlic, pepper and a dash of nutmeg are an absolute must, and soon a fantastic quiche will be baking in the oven.

So whether it's for breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea time or dinner ... whether it's a repast for the girls, or supper for the quiche-loving real-men in your life ... quiche is always a delicious choice!

Meatless Fridays?  A vegetable quiche could be your definite "go-to."

Something different to bring to the potluck?  Think outside the casserole, and bring a quiche instead!

Quiche always looks stunning on the table
And, hey ... there's no rule that says you can't make a quiche in summer, fall and winter, too!

Bon appétit!

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