Friday, November 2, 2018

A Two-Page Spread for Thanksgiving

One of the most satisfying things about having our Afternoon Tea bakery was to see our baked goods featured at people's happiest and most cherished events, such as holidays, birthdays and weddings.

A two-page spread featuring some of our pies and cakes in the November 1988 issue of Florida Home & Garden magazine.
Another thing that used to give us quite a kick was to see our pies and cakes featured in local magazines and newspapers.  It was as if our own kids had made "the cover of the Rolling Stone," instead of just our Pumpkin-Orange Cake, Sweet Potato Pound Cake and Apple-Cheddar Pie.  It was very exciting stuff!

Our butterfluff-frosted Pumpkin-Orange Cake
and a loaf of our Sweet Potato Pound Cake,
both very popular items this time of year!
For some reason, seeing our name in print made it seem somehow more legit.  Like we were being taken seriously as professional bakers and as an enterprise.  We had been in business for a while before the first magazine spread came our way, but somehow getting written up for everyone in Florida to see made it seem that much more real.

These days, photos of food are everywhere and we just can't stop ogling them, as I've talked about before.  But back in those days, it was the slick magazine spreads we lived for.  I had subscriptions to a few, and couldn't wait for each to arrive every month so I could pore over the pages-and-pages of new intriguing photos, recipes and ideas.

This time of year when we're getting ready to don our aprons again, dust the rolling pin with some flour, and get back down to baking, it makes me think back to this magazine article featuring some of our favorite fall treats.  There's nothing like seeing your handiwork acknowledged and appreciated, and showcased for all to see.

Our scrumptious Apple-Cheddar Pie in a very, very deep dish!
That's just one of the things we have to be grateful for on Thanksgiving ... our moments in the Sun, when we are allowed to shine, are the moments we'll never forget.

We've had our 15 minutes of fame both personally and professionally, in this and in other endeavors we've taken on, as well.  On this Thanksgiving, as in all of them, we're honored to have been so blessed ... and we continue to count our many blessings with every new year.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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